Second-gen Moto 360 is now getting Android Wear 2.0, but the Sport will wait

Update has started hitting some user's smartwatches

The second-generation Moto 360 smartwatch is finally get its slice of Android Wear 2.0, the company has confirmed.

As we first spotted on Reddit, the Motorola Support Twitter account announced that the Android Wear 2.0 update is starting to roll out in phases to devices. Moto said that would be happening "as soon as today", and sure enough, someusers have reported getting it already.

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The bad news is that there's no ETA for the update on the Moto 360 Sport. Motorola said it had no timing information to share.

We'd initially been told that the update would arrive in May, so Moto is right on schedule. We'll be checking our own Moto watches at the first opportunity, and we've contacted Motorola for more details on the update.

We're fans of the Moto 360, and were sad when Motorola announced it was stepping away from smartwatches for the time being. The update will breathe new life into a wearable that's otherwise getting long in the tooth - even with that pesky flat tyre.

The 2nd-gen Moto 360 is now getting Android Wear 2.0

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  • Finally·

    So I checked for the update on my moto360 2nd gen and it said it was up to date, I randomly started tapoing the green screen that said I was up to date and after a bunch of taps (wasn't counting, sorry) the watch said charge watch to update... My watch is downloading the update as I type ;) I hope tgis helps others out there... 

  • marcoscu·

    I tried it and after about 20 presses I got a message telling me to put my watch on charge to update...

  • marcoscu·

    UPDATE. Yes, I was able to update after leaving the phone on the charger all night.  The phone applied the update and then rebooted and started a new setup procedure but I am unable now to get beyond the 'In Android Wear Connect to this watch' screen. It connects in the background but the screen will not quit despite reboots of watch and phone. So take care when you update!

  • marcoscu·

    Solved at last. I unpaired  and rebooted the phone from within the Android Wear phone app and was then able to complete the setup. The key seems to be to go through the complete new watch setup from the phone Android Wear app.