Acer Air monitor will make sure you’re breathing in the good stuff

MWC 2017: Get smart about checking air quality in your home
Acer Air monitor keeps tabs on air quality

Acer, best known for making laptops, affordable smartphones and computer monitors among other things is now venturing into smart home territory with its new Air Monitor.

The cube-shaped device, which looks a bit like a glowing smoke alarm, is able to check air quality in real time with a series of LED lights that change colour to indicate the status of the room.

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Sensors packed into the Monitor track six air quality indicators including TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), carbon dioxide, PM2.5, PM10, temperature and humidity. Warnings can be sent to your phone as push notifications to indicate when conditions are not great. It's also compatible with IFTTT, so you can set up rules to activate an air purifier for instance if the air is particularly bad.

When you're heading for bed, the integrated sensor will turn off the lights so it's not flashing in your face, but will still continue to monitor the environment throughout the night.

Smart air quality monitors are not new with the likes of the Withings Home and Awair setups offering similar features. Acer's system promises to offer a more stylish and comprehensive alternative.

Acer's Air Monitor is launching in Q2 this year in selected countries with prices and availability to vary depending on region. It's being shown off at MWC and team Wareable will be there to see if Acer is offering up a decent bit of smart home kit.

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