Pebble 2 guide: All you need to know about the sporty successor to the Classic

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Pebble 2 essential guide

Five years on from introducing the world to the first Pebble smartwatch, Eric Migicovsky and his team have launch its natural successor, the aptly named Pebble 2 alongside the Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core.

This time, Pebble is bringing a more fitness feel to proceedings by adding features like a built-in optical heart rate monitor along with the ability to intelligently track sleep and step counts thanks to the built-in accelerometer.

You can read our opinions of the watch in our full Pebble 2 review. Otherwise, read on for more of the facts and details.

Pebble 2: Design

The Pebble 2 is available in five different sportier colours (black, white, aqua, flame and lime) offering more variety than its predecessor as well. Dimensions-wise, it measures in at 39.5 x 30.2mm with a 9.8mm thickness and weighs in at 31.7g. So it's lighter and slimmer than the Classic.

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The polycarbonate body is joined by a 22m silicone strap, which feature the quick release mechanism so you can swap in other bands. Pebble is sticking with the same 1.26-inch, 144 x 168 resolution always-on e-paper display, which now features Gorilla Glass 3 for an extra layer of protection. You still get the same set of physical buttons to navigate the menu screens.

Water resistance is down from 50 to 30 metres, but it does mean you can still take the Pebble 2 for a dip in the pool.

Pebble 2: Features

To emphasis those sporty credentials, there's an optical heart rate monitor to accompany the built-in accelerometer to track workout activity. You're able to take readings during workouts and get resting heart data, but the Pebble 2 also tracks your heart rate consistently throughout the day, taking a reading around ever 10 minutes. It's the Pebble Health integration though that will really put all the sensors to good use, letting you collect all of your data including heart rate readings inside the native app.

Pebble has upgraded the internals adding in the same ARM Cortext M4 processor found inside the Pebble Time. Unlike the new Pebble Time 2, there's no GPS and Wi-Fi support is missing in action as well. You do still get a built-in microphone letting you leave quick voice replies and notes.

Pebble 2: Software

For those loyal Pebble fans wondering whether the company has abandoned its smartwatch roots, the iOS and Android friendly Pebble 2 will still offer the same phone, text and notification support along with music control. The latest version of the Timeline OS will be in tow as well offering all of the same features and access to existing Pebble apps and watch faces.

Pebble 2: Battery life

You'll still get the same week's worth of battery life as the Pebble Classic, wiping the floor with the Apple Watch and Android Wear watches for stamina. You will still have to use the standard Pebble USB charging cable to power it up, however.

Pebble 2: Price and release date

If you're interested in the Pebble 2, it's now available for $129.99 on the Pebble website (early backers got it a little cheaper). Shipping started in October, so you won't need to wait long to get it.

What do you think of the Pebble 2? Would it make you upgrade from the original Pebble? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Barry_Nervous says:

    So does that mean that the pebble time 2 have GPS?

    • mjhumphrey says:

      No, the Pebble Time 2 does not have built in GPS.  Both the Time and Pebble 2 share the same features, except the Time 2 has a color display and three days extra battery life.

      The only Pebble device that will have built in GPS is the Core, but it's not a watch.

  • Nischit says:

    A small step for a pebble, a great leap needed to make smartwatch batteries last for 7 days (the pebble 2 with its HR sensor and 7 day battery life spells trouble for other smartwatches)

    • alg2376 says:

      Is it a constant HR monitor though? 

  • Waterfish says:

    Pebble time 2 looks much better than pebble 2! The screen size of pebble 2 is larger than classic? more watch faces or app for pebble? If no, then no motivation to upgrade my classic!

  • PatMac says:

    I would not use it for fitness so the only addition on the original would be the microphone which can only do short messages again something I would not be keen on so there is little incentive to change from the original which I really like

  • mitchell says:

    is the text (on notifications, for example) any larger on this than on the Classic?

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