​Withings Steel HR first look: On paper a truly incredible fitness tracker

IFA 2016: HR tracking and 25 days of battery life – Withings just raised the game
We marvel at the ​Withings Steel HR

Out of nowhere at IFA 2016, Withings managed to pull off a spectacular coup for fitness tracking. The French company, which was snapped up by Nokia earlier this year, has added heart rate tracking to its smart analogue fitness tracker in an amalgamation of design, technology and incredible that left us astounded.

Let's start with the form factor. Not that different from the slim Withings Activité Steel, the Steel HR is a dainty analogue watch with a stainless steel bezel. It comes in two sizes, a standard 36mm and larger 40mm version which is slightly more suited to male wrists (although this still wasn't large enough for two guys that interrupted my briefing to complain that the watch wasn't big enough – surely a first in fitness trackers). Anyway, the key thing to take away here is that this tracker is slim and truly unisex.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice the lack of Activité in the branding. The company now sees Withings as such a strong name that's it's superseded the brand.

However, there are a couple of major changes from the Activité. There's now an optical heart rate monitor under the watch body, which is built into the stainless steel case. This offers 24/7 heart rate monitoring, which is logged in the Withings Health Mate app, as well as during workouts that can be started by long-pressing the crown.

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The app logs resting heart rate, which is averaged across your day to weed out any erroneous readings. It will also log your bpm (beats per minute) and use it to colour the calorie burn reading.

The second change is there's now a screen, embedded in the watch. It's actually not very noticeable and on the black version of the watch we missed it on a first scan of the device. It's not always-on but enables users to cycle through their daily stats, including steps, distance, calories and the date.

What the tiny screen represents is one of the neatest mash-ups of analogue and smart wearable tech we've seen. It's perhaps not the most elegant solution, but it's subtle enough to offer the on-demand information of a Fitbit combined with the style of a classic watch.

Aside from step and workout tracking, the Withings HR Steel also features automatic sleep detection. This has previously been a strong suit of Withings', and we're hopeful that the added heart rate metrics will improve this fine area of its ecosystem.

Now onto perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Withings Steel HR: battery life. The company claims that the battery will last 25 days with continuous heart rate monitoring, and that once this period is over, you'll get another 20 days of step tracking. What's more, it uses a lithium-ion battery, so you just pop the Steel HR on a magnetic charging pad, and there are no replacement coin cells needed, as you get with most smart analogue devices. A decent compromise in our eyes.

How is the battery life so impressive? While it's almost certainly an act of voodoo, there are some sacrifices. The continuous heart rate only takes a reading every few minutes, rather than every few seconds, dramatically reducing the power consumption.

This clearly means it's not going to be as accurate as it might be. While the watch will automatically detect exercise and up the frequency – for example when running for a bus – that's not always going to be perfect. We'll have to get testing to see how good the Steel HR is at pre-empting and logging elevated heart rates, but the pay-off of a month of use between charges is an extremely welcome proposition.

Early verdict

It's fair to say we've been left excited by what Withings has achieved with the Steel HR. Long battery life, continuous heart rate monitoring and a workable blend of analogue style and digital smarts, on paper at least – this could be the first balance of compromises that works. We can't wait to get the Steel HR into the Wareable office for thorough testing.

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  • Nischit says:

    Good idea withings 

  • Adamnknighf says:

    do we know if it has notifications for things like whatsapp etc?

    • j.stables says:

      There are limited notifications/alerts, but they're not readable.

  • Cyclist says:

    too bad it does not connect with Strava...

  • AlexHongKong says:

    Add second timezone as a display option and I'll buy at least one!

  • DigoriePiper says:

    Too bad the display isn't always on as we're back to the same ridiculous situation as Android and Apple watches where you've got to flick your wrist or press something to get to see it. At least you can always see the time and an approximation of your steps though.

    Would have been nice to alway show the date or a 2nd timezone on the display and then it's at least as useful as a dumb watch.

    Probably the closest thing we've seen so far though to a useful smart 'watch' so well done Withings. I might just be tempted to replace my now tatty looking Pebble Time with one of these.

  • Tracer says:

    Seems near perfect to me.  Long battery life, water resistant to 50 meters, and heart rate monitoring.  I'm sold

  • Erik1 says:

    Really nice (smart) watch. When its available?

  • Styleplague says:

    come-on with the launch already...

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