Samsung is finally bringing iOS support to the Gear S2

The compatibility wheels are now in motion
Gear S2 iOS support is finally rolling out

Brace yourself iPhone owners - Samsung is letting the Gear S2, and potentially the Gear S3, play nice with iOS devices after rolling out its iOS beta program.

Available for the Gear S2 and the Gear Fit 2, the beta program will let you pair the Samsung wearables to the iPhone. Much like Android Wear on iOS it's likely that some of the features best optimised for Samsung's own phones will not be supported. But you'll probably be able to keep an eye on notifications at the very least.

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If you want in on the program, you can sign up over on the beta page with the program running through to 19 September. iPhone owners will need their smartphone to be running iOS 8.4 or later to take part in the program.

Samsung revealed that it was bringing iOS compatibility to the Gear S2 when it launched the Tizen-running smartwatch back in September last year. Since then, Samsung had promised to add support and was tipped to land in early 2016. It looks like it's taken a little while longer to get things up and running.

The timing could have something to do with the arrival of the Samsung Gear S3 and possibly the Apple Watch 2 as well.

Samsung announced the Gear S2 successor at a press conference at IFA on 31 August. You've taken your time Samsung, but we're glad you got there in the end.

Source: Sammobile

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  • FlemmingDrachen says:


    Love the site - As for this article, the link to the beta page is in...I want to say Korean, but am unsure since I have no clue what it says.

    Is there an english sounding link as well?


  • xToddrick says:

    It's illogically round so it's a failure from the start.. Also, I imagine the build quality is inferior.

    • dancadman says:

      Illogically round?  Maybe you have a square head?  That wouldn't be illogical, would it?  Pretty obvious that you've never used one or even seen one in person.  The build quality is quite amazing and I can use any standard watch band that I choose, unlike the Apple watch which makes you buy proprietary watchbands...

  • Bigaapl says:

    Got it working on IOS 10

    • Kenwood says:

      How?  All I got was required to enter email for survey monkey. If u can post how and maybe a link I'd be thankful. 

    • Boshort99 says:

      how did you do it??? What app did you download? I have an iPhone 6s and would like to link my gear 2 to it. 

    • Tkeeton says:

      please explain I'm having a hard time connecting my Gear fit 2 with my iPhone 6

    • jake2392 says:

      How did you get it to work?

    • ashleyporter says:


    • SeanC says:

      I don't believe you since you never responded to tell us how!

  • Canuck says:

    I am interested in this - but the link is in the wrong language... 

    I like that this watch... looks like a watch, and not a calculator watch from the 80's.  I am a huge Apple user - but the watch is so ugly!

    I am hoping for more information.

  • Thyne says:

    My gear fit2 won't sync to iphone7, have tried all the tips. 

  • Sidd says:

    when is the app coming out?

  • raq says:

    I'm trading my Note 7 for the Iphone 7. I love my Fitgear 2 I'm trying to figure out how to make them compatiable. 

  • SusieM says:

    After having to now exchange my Note 7 (that I loved) twice, I have ordered an IPhone 7 plus. I have a gear fit 2 that I wear daily and would like to know how people sync or connect it to the IPhone. Thanks.

    • SeanC says:

      I posted the same question. Don't think they have released a Gear Fit app in the Apple store yet. Are you able to still use the GPS feature on your Gear Fit even without it connected to your iphone?

  • SeanC says:

    Does anyone know how to connect a Samsung Gear Fit 2 to an iPhone 6s?!?!

  • SeanC says:

    Does anyone know how to connect a Samsung Gear Fit 2 to an iphone 6s?!?! Or when will the Gear Fit 2 App be available in the Apple store? Thanks!

  • Hpugh says:

    you can use your gear on its own without phone by going to device in menu of watch (gear fit ) select no phone and follow prompts 

  • tones8 says:

    I got my gear s2 working on ios 10 as well (iphone 6s+)... had to track down a copy of the beta gear manager app ipa file.  once you download that, you open it in itunes and sync it to your device.  once synced, you'll have to go to settings -> general -> device management (or profiles depending what ios version you're on) you should see samsung enterprise app listed, select it and trust apps from this publisher.... voila.  if you cant track down the ipa let me know, i still have a copy saved, i guess i could upload it somewhere.

  • tones8 says:

    test... not sure if my previous comment posted

  • tones8 says:

    i guess not...

    i got my gear s2 working with my iphone 6s+ on ios 10... just need the beta gear manager app.  although the beta is technically over, you can still track down the ipa for the app online, download the ipa, add it to your itunes, and sync it to your phone... once synced, you'd go to settings -> general -> device management (or profiles on older versions of ios) and you should see samsung enterprise listed... select it and select "trust". although you see the app on your home screen, you wont be able to open the app until you do this step first.  and voila, pair the watch with your phone.

    if you have trouble locating the ipa, i still have my copy saved and i guess i could upload it somewhere for whoever may need it.

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