And finally: Sony PlayStation VR launch date and more

This week's wearable tech rumour round up
And finally: PlayStation VR launch

And finally is the place for the whispery rumors, blips and all around interesting stories you might have missed from the last seven days.

MWC 2016 is over so it's a good time to catch up with all the wearable tech news you've that was lost due to the barrage of product announcements from Barcelona.

We've certainly seen a lot of innovative tech like the possibility of solar powered watches, and Qualcomm plopping its new Snapdragon Wear chip into clothes alongside smartwatches.

This week, there's even more speculation over Sony's PlayStation VR price and release date, Sphero's new Force Band and more.

Will the Sony PS VR event yield price and release date?

There's so many rumor bits floating around about the PS VR, it's getting difficult to sift through. We already reported in last week's And finally about a possible release for this April and previously, it was thought November would be the month through an accidental reveal.

Hopefully all of that will be put to bed during the upcoming Sony PS VR event on 15 March, right when the Game Developer's Conference begins. It wouldn't be surprising, and quite fitting considering the PS VR was revealed at GDC 2014.

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New Sphero Force Band shown off

The Sphero BB-8 has been one of the cutest and most fun little toys to hit the shelves in awhile. Sphero then went and added a wearable to make it cooler.

The Force Band was shown off at CES earlier this year, and now it looks like a finalized version has been revealed for release in the fall of this year.

BB-8 and the band have gotten a little makeover, looking more battle-worn than previous iterations. It appears you'll also be able to control more with the Star Wars wrist-ware, including smart home appliances, which is the next best thing to Jedi powers.

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Garmin Vivoactive HR gets a weather app

Garmin let loose several new fitness trackers: the Garmin Vivofit 3 and Garmin Vivoactive HR. Both have gotten complete makeovers and are now much more stylish (or not, depending on your taste).

The latter Garmin device has a new feature in the form of AccuWeather MinuteCast - a weather app that predicts minute by minute detail of when it will start raining in a two-hour time frame based on your precise location. In theory, you wouldn't be caught out in the rain unaware again if wearing the Vivoactive HR. Neat-o.

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Coca Cola made a VR headset...sort of

This Google Cardboard design is really clever, if you find yourself routinely buying boxes of Coca Cola sodas.

Apparently Coke has enabled a new form of recycling by turning its boxes into VR viewers - with three easy, DIY different ways to do it. It's actually pretty handy if you can't scrounge up some cardboard and need an even simpler way to make a mobile headset. You can even order a "custom" box that folds down perfectly into a viewer, all with a small push. Genius.

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    Beware!! Clickbait bullshit!! Article does not actually give a specific release date this is just for views and nothing more!!

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