AsteroidOS could be the smartwatch operating system of the people

Viva la open source revolución, comrades
Student builds AsteroidOS for smartwatches

A French student has created an open source smartwatch OS based on Linux, which could become a competitor for Android Wear and Tizen.

Named AsteroidOS, the beta version created by Florent Revest has been tested on an original LG Watch and is very much an enthusiast project for hackers and modders to get their hands on.

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It's packed with all the usual features including the ability to support optical heart rate monitors, and the company is calling on developers to get involved and start coding new apps for the OS.

On the surface this student project has little chance of making any impression on the Google and Samsung backed might of Android Wear and Tizen, but it does have one benefit. To date there's been a lack of open source smartwatch operating systems that aren't mired in the plans of the big tech companies. Google is wisely protecting Android Wear from any smartwatch up-start from jumping on board and Samsung's OS is very much for Gear devices only.

That means it's up to smartwatch startups to use full fat versions of Android – with varying degrees of success. AsteroidOS has the chance to become the go-to OS for the independent manufacturer.

Source: PC World

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