Polar Loop 2 gets smart notifications and advanced fitness features

Fitness band sequel gets smartwatch smarts update for Android
Polar Loop 2 gets smart notifications

Polar's Loop 2, a follow up to last year's fitness tracker that adds smartwatch style features and beefed up build quality now has notifications for Android users as well as iOS.

The second generation activity tracker will display smartphone notifications for incoming calls, messages and calendar alerts, as well as measuring distance, steps, sleep and calories. It even politely vibrates if you've been sitting down too long.

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To get the new update, Android users should connect their Loop 2 to Polar's Flowsync software then just turn on notifications in the Flow app on their smartphone.

The activity data is displayed in the Polar Flow app, sorting your daily activity into five bands, which range between resting and high intensity – which will please sporty types and those trying to make positive adjustments to their daily exercise in equal measure.

It's also fully waterproof and features a WR20 rating, making it suitable for swimming.

"In developing the Polar Loop 2 we held on to the well-liked features such as design, waterproofness and support for heart rate-based training," said Tarja Määttä from Polar.

"Smart notifications have been well received in other Polar wearables, and now they will keep the Loop 2 users in the know as well. The soft materials guarantee the bracelet is perfect to be worn day and night."

So, what's stayed the same? It still has the 85 LED-light display and the same low price of $119. However, the battery life does take a slight hit with the addition of smart notifications. The battery will last for about eight days, but with notifications on, that comes down to three days.

When we reviewed the original Polar Loop, we were impressed by its battery life, strong app and wealth of features, especially given the price. The only real complaint was the build quality. It seems that Polar has managed to keep the positive traits while adding new features and even improving the build materials.

The Polar Flow app has also enjoyed an update, with social features and shared workouts now part of the mix. Adding notifications to the Loop 2 is another step by Polar to make its band more useful outside of the gym, and motivate people to stick with their tracker.

The Polar Loop 2 will be on sale in July for $119.95 in white and pink. A black version will be released in September.

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