Here One wireless earbuds mix real world audio and stream music

Updated: Doppler Labs is bringing the noise (filtering) to the UK, Europe and Canada
Here One lets you filter real world audio

Doppler Labs, the startup that raised big bucks to bring its Here Active Listening earbuds to life, is back with the Here One, an all-in-one wireless listening system.

Like its predecessor, the Here One is a pair of wireless earbuds that build on the smart listening and noise filtering technologies included in the Active Listening buds, but crucially, now adds music streaming making them all that more desirable.

The latest news from the startup is that as well as being available to pre-order for $299 in the US, as it has been since launch, it's now up for pre-order in the EU (including the UK) as well as Canada, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Here One costs £249.99 in the UK, €299.99 in Europe and Iceland and $299.99 in Canada so similar pricing to the American price which is $50 more than the original Here Active Listening buds. Shipping for all orders is set for this November when the One hearable will also hit shops.

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Doppler Labs is now adding multiple microphones and processors into a design that's only grown by a single millimetre, to improve on its unique ability to filter out unwanted noise, a feature that the startup said proved extremely popular with its first hearable.

A new adaptive noise filtering system now lets you selectively cancel or amplify a particular sound using new proprietary adaptive filters, which can identify and target sounds, such as human speech, sirens and a jet engine.

Other new features include a new layered listening mode to stream audio and listen to your surroundings simultaneously. Think listening to commentary while you're at a live sporting event or listening to music while you're out riding a bike.

There's also personalised listening preferences to create the best listening experience for your ears in any scenario without having to manually adjusting filters. You can now interact with the smart assistants like Siri, Google Now, Alexa and Cortana now that there are multiple microphones on board.

All of those new features can be controlled from the Here companion app where you'll still find features like EQ, volume, sound effects and tune in presets featured with Here Active Listening.

The addition of music streaming is definitely a big deal here, and while we're sure serious music nerds will love the new filtering tech on board, the Here One feels less like a niche hearable and one that will be competing with Bragi, Samsung and the rest in the coming year.

You can check out our interview with Doppler Labs CEO Noah Kraft to learn more about Here One and the future of building tech for the ear.

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