LEVL fitness tracker smells your breath to detect fat burn

Here's one sensor Fitbit, Jawbone and company haven't thought about...
LEVL detects fat burn from your breath

While the Fitbit CEO has been busy talking up advanced sensors to measure stress and blood pressure level in its next generation of fitness trackers, one startup believes it's developed the perfect sensor to recognise when you're actually sweating off that pizza from last night during a workout.

The LEVL fitness tracker has been in the works for five years and is apparently capable of knowing when your body is burning fat or energy using an innovative breath sensor.

Yes, we know it sounds odd, but here's the scientific breakdown of how it works. The nano sensor will detect acetone, which is a byproduct of the human metabolism and is released when you breathe.

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According to the company's website, "When the body is burning fat for energy, it is in a state called ketosis. During ketosis, the body generates molecules called ketones, one of which is acetone. Because of its small size, acetone appears in our exhaled breath as an indicator of fat burn."

The sensor can analyse the concentration of acetone and translate that to fat burn, which can then be viewed in real-time via the companion app.

Apparently, this is a more reliable way of detecting fat burn in real time, than a jumping on a set of scales because it only takes into account body weight, which isn't an accurate representation of fat loss.

So we know how it work, but have no idea how the sensor will look or where you'll wear it. LEVL will be revealing more at CES 2016 in January where the Wareable team will be out in full force to find out if it's going to give Fitbit, Jawbone and the rest something to think about.

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