Fitbit Charge 2 tracking issues are being addressed with a software update

Company admits it's been having some problems with its fitness tracker
Fitbit admits Charge 2 has tracking issues

If you bought a Fitbit Charge 2 recently and noticed that the accuracy of the tracking data has been a bit off, don't worry, Fitbit has spotted it too.

The wearable tech giant has confirmed that it has been having a few problems with its new fitness tracker, specifically around the way different modes are being tracked using connected GPS for activities like walking, hiking and while in interval mode. It's also spotted problems when using multi-sport tracking for run and treadmill activities.

Fitbit has now issued a pair of software updates that it believes will sort everything out.

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Speaking to The Verge, a spokesperson from Fitbit confirmed that it had, "recently uncovered two software bugs that affect specific uses of Charge 2", adding that, "these software errors caused the tracker to occasionally calculate stats like pace and distance with less precision than we expect from our products."

The software updates are available to download now for all Fitbit Charge 2 users. When we tested the Charge 2 last month, we didn't experience any of the issues highlighted by Fitbit, and generally found the Charge HR successor to be a reliable tracker to use.

It's good to see Fitbit acknowledge that its new device wasn't quite up to scratch at launch and has offered a solution in such a speedy fashion.

Source: The Verge

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  • TheByteSmasher says:

    Weird...because update says GPS and multisport improvements and that was a week ago.. these articles today seem like it's still an issue and another update is forthcoming... 

  • Croshed says:

    Too late, I already returned mine. Not only is the tracking off, the steps counter is WAY off. The heart rate monitor is OK most of the time, but faults at least twice a day with spikes. The most disappointing flaw was the sleep tracker. Although it was very accurate for sleep & wake accuracy, there was very little to no data in between (heart rate, motion, etc).

  • fran says:

    It's amazing what an IPO does to a company. I used to love their products pre-IPO. But once they have gone public, their products quality have just gone downhill. It might not be the latest and greatest...I'm still a fan of the garmin vivosmart...good battery and tracking with minimal issues.

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