The 25 best apps for Pebble watches

The top downloads for your Pebble smartwatch
The best Pebble apps

With the Pebble Time 2 and Pebble 2 and even a non-wrist device in the Pebble Core all on the way, good app support has never been so important for the smartwatch company.

Yes you'll get roughly the same software with some major and minor updates but none of it is really useful if there aren't solid apps on hand to download.

This apps list is for the current Pebble Time and Pebble Time Round but once the new smartwatches land, you can head back here since these apps will still work perfectly - which is great news since they're the best Pebble apps we've tried out.

Essential read: Pebble Time 2 and Pebble 2 full details

Best to remember that all apps will work on Pebble Time but, if you're rocking an original monochrome Pebble, you won't be able to use the new colour apps found on the Time and Round.

Speaking of Round, apps are still being configured for the circular interface. That means since not all of them are compatible but there are 150 apps and around 400 Pebble watch faces available so far and counting, including most of the ones below.

That said, here's our pick of the best apps for your Pebble smartwatch, helping you do everything from tracking your sleep to remembering to buy some milk – and a whole lot in between.


The Pebble Happiness app isn't something you'd keep on your Pebble long term - in fact you can pretty much delete it after a week. The idea is you take a survey every hour (start and end times are customizable by you) and then, at the end of the week Pebble sends you a chart with information on what the algorithms think you've been happiest - or unhappiest. It's basically a way to assess your daily habits. It's experimental but also pretty fun and informative if you're able to stick with it 'till the end.

Mood Tracking

If you've enjoyed using Happiness, perhaps you want to try logging moods more often with Mood Tracking. Similar to Pebble's app, this one has you answering questions over a week. You won't get a series of charts emailed from Pebble, but the app does display an overview graph of your moods right on the watch.


With the Pebble's microphone and voice input, it's now possible to make lists straight from the wrist, with the aptly named Checklist app. Whether it's for food shopping, reminders, a packing list and more, simply use your voice to dictate what you want. Saying an item then "comma" will list out more than one item making it all easy to use and really convenient.


Though it's not a fancy Google Maps app, Maptastic is still fun to use. Your location is still being tracked in the app so you can see where you are with a long up button press (it even shows the address if there is one) and you can pan around to see more of the map.


With the days of Tomogatchi pretty much gone, Fitcat is a suitable, if not better Pebble app you can download. That's because while you're busy playing with the virtual cat, it also acts as an activity tracker. So if you're taking steps, you cat (adorably named Gnocchi) will be too. Moving more generates income that you can spend to make your little cat happy providing even more incentive. It even syncs up with Pebble Health. This game is ridiculously fun and a creative way to get you active.

Pokedex Challenge

With the Pokemon Go craze in full swing, it only makes sense to add a Pebble version to the mix. Pokedex Challenge has been out for a while now and though it's no augmented reality app, you can add to your Pokemon obsession with one more source for creature catching fun.


Get travel info right on your timeline. From flights, reservations, weather, reminders and more, the Travel Pebble app connects you with real-time flight notifications. Handy.

Pebble Health

Pebble Health isn't just a new platform from the company - it's also an app you can use for activity tracking and more, as mentioned above.

Once you click onto the Pebble Health app on your smartwatch, you can cycle through four main screens. First is your daily steps, main sleep stats, then a weekly version of the each. So, there's one for weekdays and one for weekends which we love because chances are both your step count and sleeping habits will alter between the two. Or maybe you wear your Pebble every weekday but not so much on weekends.

Read more here: A full guide to Pebble Health


best pebble apps

Fully revamped and in sparkling 8-bit colour for the new Pebble Time range, TripAdvisor does exactly what you'd expect - using your current location to recommend restaurants, bars and other attractions. User reviews are, of course, on board and there's also a nice navigation mode that will point you in the direction of your chosen establishment without the need to ever get your phone out of your pocket.

Pixel Miner

Pixel Miner is the work of dev and consultant Will Luton. The aim of the game is to help your man well, dig pixels which you can spend on better equipment to dig quicker. It's nonsense really. Absolutely addictive nonsense.


Uber wasn't first to get its Pebble app out but it's one of the biggest names on the app store. It makes use of the Pebble Time's colour screen with big, bold alerts to keep you on top of your minicab ordering.

You can open the app then hold the Pebble's middle button to call a cab to your current location or select from a number of favourite locations. Once ordered, there's also a map to track your driver as it arrives.


Evernote is an awesome note collecting app that works on nearly every platform, including Pebble. Don't expect quite as many features as the desktop and smartphone counterparts, that would just be unnecessary, but do expect a great way to track your reminders and to-do lists. All your notebooks are accessible and you can even search through your saved tags.


Download the companion app then get going with Awear's great little messaging app. Well, technically it's a watch face but Pebble puts it in the app category so there we go. For texts, choose from pre-set replies that you can customise, mark emails as read, archived or starred on your wrist and with Google Calendar integration, you can send an 'I'm late' message to the person you're meeting in two button clicks. Smart vibrations mean that you'll know if its a text or an email too.


Paying for your lunch with just a swipe of your watch is very much a thing, thanks to PayPal. Once logged in, you can use the app to pay for items where PayPal is already accepted (Gourmet Burger Kitchen, for example) by showing the QR code that appears on the display. You'll need to pair this up with the PayPal smartphone app to get it working.

IFTTT Launcher

A seriously simple app - just choose three of your IFTTT recipes in your companion app to trigger straight from your Pebble Time's buttons to control your smart home. That's it. No fiddling around, just quick controls.


Designed to be used with your phone's GPS, the popular RunKeeper Pebble app lets you check on your stats like pace and distance using your smartwatch. To download this app you need to have the RunKeeper app on your phone already. Initiating a run in your mobile app auto-opens the Pebble app and pausing an activity is as simple as pressing the middle button while you're in the RunKeeper screen. Still, when you want to stop, it's back to your phone.


best pebble apps

A cool feature of Pebble Time apps is that they can be integrated right into the Pebble Timeline UI. With Battery+ you'll not only see how much battery you've got left - percentage and time metrics - you'll also get notifications in your Timeline of the last time your watch was charged, an estimate of when it will need plugging in again and an average use per day figure. There's also a detailed graph mode that lets you know when you're hammering the power the most.

Get Up, Stand Up

This wonderfully named app allows your Pebble Time to mimic a great feature that's found on the Apple Watch and Garmin watches - reminding you to get up and walk around when you've been sat down too long.

Deskbound Pebble wearers can set the app to automatic mode to set the frequency of alerts e.g. every 20 minutes, how long you want to stand for each time and which days you need the reminders, Monday to Friday, say.


Another smart home control app, Leaf is specifically for Nest's devices - its Learning Thermostat and Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm specifically. Leaf is part of the Works with Nest program and offers handy, coloured icons to check the status of your home tech and quickly adjust the temperature and modes.


GoPro cameras can be remote controlled via your smartphone but now you can control this using your Pebble watch. It's compatible with GoPro's Hero3, Hero3+ White, Silver and Black and Hero4 cameras.

Start and stop action cam recordings, tweak settings and browse menus. There's no direct control or a live feed yet but it offers you what you most want on your wrist when things get gnarly.


Top Pebble watch apps

Want to get in on the Misfit action without splashing the cash for a Shine or a Flash? No problem - the Misfit app for Pebble has just been updated, bringing in a whole host of new activity tracking features. It syncs up with the iOS and Android Misfit apps and tracks metrics such as calories burned, sleep slept and distance travelled. And we're told this is just the start of an all out Misfit assault on Pebble. Exciting times.

Cards for Pebble

Far more than just offering a single function, this app boasts everything from a calendar, RSS reader, sports scores, world clock and it'll let you know how long it's going to take you to drive to work. Cycling through all the options is easy using the hardware buttons on the Pebble and the clean, readable digital clock makes this a must-have. The main advantage here is that it gets around Pebble's eight app rule but on the Pebble Time, you can store as many apps as you like.

Domino's Pizza tracker

If you're a US based Pebbler who's also partial to Domino's takeaway pizza, this is app for you. Once you've placed your order through the iOS or Android app, the Pebble companion will keep you updated with the movements of your dinner, from when it enters the oven to when it's about to arrive at your door. This is exactly what the wearable revolution needs more of.


Instead of waking you up every morning with a shrill hiss, this clever smart alarm helps you rise from slumber over a period of time. Fully updated for the Time devices, simply put in the earliest and latest times you need to wake up and the app will do the rest. It also uses the Pebble's accelerometer to track your sleep patterns and beam the results to your phone and will even sync with Apple's HealthKit platform, Misfit and UP apps, Philips Hue and LIFX smart bulbs and IFTTT. There's also a pin for 'bed now' if you want to integrate that to your Pebble Timeline.

Pebble Locker

Best Pebble apps for Pebble Steel

One of our favourite Pebble additions, Locker adds an extra layer of security to your precious smartphone. When your smartwatch is connected, it'll let you bypass the lockscreen on your phone, saving you vital seconds and ditching the need to enter your pin or password every time. Pebble disconnected? It'll revert back and once again require a pin or swipe to unlock.

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Pebble Time
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  • MorpheuzSleep says:

    It's great to see Morpheuz mentioned here but you've got some quite out of date screenshots. If you'd like to see what it looks like now have a look at:

  • bdlfromFB says:

    There is still no android app support for UP so nothing you put on your pebble will ever see the UP app. Additionally, as it is a watchface, I don't believe it does any tracking *unless* it is your watchface, unlike the Misfit app. So far, I think UP is kind of a fail for the Pebble.

    • DavidMcAfee42 says:

      UP does have background activity tracking despite only being a watchface. It has iOS support at the moment, I believe Android support is coming soon.

      • jml says:

        Actually it does but it doesn't sync anything captured in that fashion, there is an 18 page thread on the pebble forums about how the Up watchface does not sync accurately any time that Up is not the active watchface on the device. It's been a very disappointing implementation so far, which is bad, the Misfit app has some step counting accuracy problems and the Up face is much better in this respect but if it can't count and sync accurately while in the background, it is a pretty big fail in my opinion. 

  • rzky says:

    Careful with the Smartwatch Plus. There's several apps that has a similar name with similar functionality as well.

  • Kathcobcroft says:

    Up doesn't currently track sleep through the Pebble, you have to enter it manually. Misfit does fairly well - it has a go at deep vs light sleep - but doesn't seem to like tracking multiple sleep segments with gaps in between (eg when I get up for my toddler and stay awake for a while afterwards). I believe you lose the sleep quality info if you adjust the sleep manually in Misfit.

  • DevilDogA99 says:

    please help, can't find pebble steel on the pebble store. I really would like said app, that is mentioned in this list. 

    • Wyvernspirit says:

      The Pebble Steel is hardware not an app.  It's a model of the pebble watch made out of metal instead of plastic.

      • m0deki says:


  • markkelly505 says:

    Yes!  Best suggested collection apps i have seen to date!'


    • donjoe says:

      ... though it's pretty strange to not see Notification Center on the list, as it's probably the most widely appreciated Pebble app, bringing valuable improvements to the most important smartwatch functionality.

    • donjoe says:

      ... except it doesn't mention what is possibly the most useful and most widely appreciated Pebble app: Notification Center.

  • lizzee says:

    does the pebble watch sync with Fitbit? 

  • swazzy499 says:

    I think I am sending my Pebble Time Steel back if I ever get it... Not impressed.

    • gman_____ says:

      you can trade it in for a pebble time round. i finally got mine the other day and then the new watches came out and believe me i was pissed, but I'm going to order the new watch and when i send the old one back there supposed to refund the money spend on the round.

  • VMS says:

    OnFit is a great alternative for UP with Pebble Health integration across all your Pebble devices and a good calorie counting component.

    Link: OnFit for Pebble Time

  • qurk says:

    Great list!  I just got my Pebble Time, upgraded from OG Pebble.  I would suggest Endomondo as walk/run activity tracker.  It lets you choose many other activities, and keeps track of your walks/workouts from it's web or phone UI.  I started using it a few years ago and it's Pebble app lets you start/stop/pause your walk.

  • pebbleRoundHELP says:

    is pixel miner for pebble time round?!?!

    Please I'm thinking about getting it and that's the desiring factor/ is it coming to round?

  • Chokichi says:

    Do all of these apps work on iOS?

  • MichelTurk says:

    1. There’s this awesome app called GrabPoints. In a nutshell they pay you for trying out new apps and answering a couple of surveys. I love using it because they are always active on social media giving out points and the rewards are always fair. Like just for signing up you already get $1 then if you use a friend’s invite code you get 500 PTS and easy AND your friend gets points in return too! See even simply inviting people earns you money. If you ever happen to try GRABPOINTS please use my invite code: S6FMAC Hope this helps!
  • MizVixi says:

    Is there an app that notifies you if you walk too far away from your iPhone 5s. 

  • Madnessboy13 says:

    do all of these work with a pebble 2 because it doesn't have a coloured display

  • Madnessboy13 says:

    Do all of these work with the pebble 2 because it doesn't have a coloured display 

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