​The best Apple Watch charging stands

Charging doesn't have to be ugly with these Apple Watch accesories
​The best Apple Watch charging stands

No sooner does Apple get a new product off the ground than the accessory makers and Kickstarter inventors rush in to create some extra kit for it – not that we're complaining of course, because there's a lot of innovation and imagination outside the walls of Apple's Cupertino headquarters.

If you've splashed out on the new Apple timepiece then you'll know it needs regular charging, usually every evening. You might as well get it charging in style if you're taking it off every night — here are seven eye-catching stands and docks that have got our attention.

Just Mobile Lounge Dock

Actually Just Mobile's second stab at an Apple Watch stand after the TimeStand, the smooth and silver Lounge Dock opts for a discreet, streamlined aesthetic and includes support for the nightstand mode that's coming with watchOS 2. It's possible to easily adjust the angle of the face as the watch sits on the stand, which is made out of heavy aluminium. One to put on your shortlist if you're after a good-looking stand for your timepiece without any superfluous extras.

$39.95, just-mobile.eu

MiTagg NuDock

Why settle for just an Apple Watch dock when you can get iPhone charging and a desk light at the same time? Successfully funded via Indiegogo in June, the NuDock also includes a portable battery. Built from solid anodised aluminium and strong polycarbonate, the dock has a soft-touch rubber coat and is going to look at home no matter what the design of your desk — you get an additional USB port around the back for charging another device too.

$249, mitagg.com


Many an Apple Watch stand tries to look sleek as well as sophisticated, but few pull it off as well as the HiRise. The dock comes in black or silver, is easy to use no matter what model of Apple Watch you have, and lets you operate your watch while it's docked. Also of note is the snooze feature for those who can't get out of bed — tap the base and you get a few minutes of extra shut-eye.

$49.99, twelvesouth.com | Amazon

DodoCase Dual Charging Dock Organiser

This attractive-looking charging dock from accessory experts DodoCase keeps all the associated wiring tidily hidden away, charges up an iPhone as well as an Apple Watch, and folds over into a simple book shape when not being used, making it one of the most unorthodox options we've seen for Apple's timepiece and perfect for the regular traveller. It doesn't work with the Milanese Loop or Link Bracelet strap options unfortunately, but it is compatible with all sizes of iPhone.

$79.95, dodocase.com

Belkin Charge Dock

Described by its makers as "first-of-its-kind Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone featuring an integrated magnetic charger and Lightning connector for an optimal charging experience." And while that may not be strictly true - we've already covered a couple of multi-purpose Apple device charges - Belkin is a veteran in the third-party accessory game and has close ties with the chaps in Cupertino and is one of only a few docks sold directly by Apple.

$129.99, belkin.com

Nomad Stand for Apple Watch

This charging dock and stand is all about the futuristic looks and minimalistic chic, and you can pick up the device in either space grey or silver (the latter is the lighter one) — there are no features in particular to talk about except it looks good, works well and effectively hides the charging cable from view. If Apple was ever to bring out an official charging stand then you'd expect it to look a lot like this one.

$69.95, hellonomad.com

Griffin WatchStand

Griffin was one of the first accessory makers to the Apple Watch charging stand party, and its offering remains one of the best-looking and most well-built options out there. You can affix your watch horizontally or vertically as you prefer — it just snaps right into place — and there's the option to charge an iPhone on the front of the dock too. The tall column hides any excess charger wire for a tidy look on your desk.

$29.99, store.griffintechnology.com | Amazon

Native Union Dock

There's nothing too fancy about this effort, except that's it's nicely set up for some watchOS 2 Nightstand action. Your charging cable neatly tucks away inside the design so its OCD friendly too.

$59.99, nativeunion.com


Still in the process of being Kickstartered, WatchMe is going to be one of the most unusual charging docks you can buy, assuming it meets its funding targets. The cute animations (including the blinking eye) are courtesy of a free complementary app, and the little cartoon dock does a good job of hiding away the charging cables too. A choice of different colours are available when ordering and WatchMe works with the new nightstand mode as well.

€19 or above, kickstarter.co


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  • cgraden says:

    The NuDock is a scam look at their start up website no one has received their product 

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  • Brucejoo says:

    Really love the MiTagg NuDock. Simple place the apple watch on the dock, plug to charging my iPhone and smart LED lamp is Elegantly designed.  But the price is over priced that I will not get it. Pity...

    Still recommend the dock charger which comes with the cable, get a close look at: 


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