13 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

The top straps, charging docks, cases and more for your Apple smartwatch
The best Apple Watch accessories

If you're going to spend your hard earned money on a new Apple Watch, you'll be wanting some killer accessories to go alongside it.

Luckily, following the lead of the iPhone and iPad, a glut of enterprising manufacturers and startups have risen to the challenge of providing extra products that fit with the Apple Watch's aesthetic.

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We've rounded up some of the most eye-catching and attention-grabbing Apple Watch accessories below – whether you want to transport your Apple Watch in style, need somewhere to charge it overnight, or want to design a strap of your own, there's an accessory out there that help.

Classic Macintosh Apple Watch stand

Okay, this is probably the most geeky thing on Wareable since the VR card games, but you have to admit it's pretty special. Slide your Apple Watch into the dock and have its nightstand mode create the classic Macintosh's screen. A bedtime delight every single night.

$50, etsy.com

Mpow Wolverine headphones

Whether it's for working out or just listening to music on your commute, the Apple Watch comes (more) alive when you add a pair of wireless headphones. Historically, that meant an expensive purchase, but these Mpow Wolverine Bluetooth buds offer up to eight hours of listening at a wallet-friendly price.

$19.99 | Amazon

Nouveau Apple Watch stand

For the more modern look, the Nouveau stand enables you to simultaneously charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at your bedside. The handmade stand uses maple wood with an ebony macassar veneer, and we have to say that the clean, simple lines look delightful. What's more, holes drilled under the iPhone section are designed to naturally amplify sound, for slightly less tinny early morning alarm calls.

$90, etsy.com


Best Apple Watch accessories

No one knows better than you what your perfect Apple Watch strap is going to look like, so why not design your own? That's exactly what Casetify lets you do: you can pick a photo from Instagram, Facebook or your computer to create your own strap through Casetify's website or smartphone app.

You can select from a variety of layouts once you have the image you want, or choose one of Casetify's suggested strap designs if you find yourself stuck for inspiration. The ordering process lets you specify whether you're getting a 38mm or a 42mm Apple Watch and free shipping is available.

$70, casetify.com

Sena Leather Watch Case

This stylish-looking dock for your watch is more than a case, so don't let its name deceive you: you it also charges your timepiece on a bed of microsuede lining, integrating the cord and giving you a simple way of keeping it protected while on the move (unless you're wearing it of course).

Made from European leather with a gunmetal accent, it's compatible with all Apple Watch bands and supports the Nightstand mode as well. Whether you're slinging your watch in a bag or displaying it by the bed, the Sena Leather Watch Case fits the bill.

$79.95, senacases.com | Amazon

Zagg InvisibleShield HD

If you've got an expensive new wearable on your wrist the last thing you want is for it to get scraped or bumped while you're out and about. The Zagg InvisibleShield HD is a thin but durable transparent layer for the top of your Apple Watch that keeps it protected without interfering with the functionality of the touchscreen.

The screen cover is inexpensive and comes with a lifetime warranty, offering 'military grade' protection that keeps the display safe from finger scratches or even knife attacks. It can even 'self-heal' from light scratches and cuts to ensure the touchscreen isn't covered with blemishes.

$14.99, zagg.com | Amazon

MiTagg NuDock

Why would you opt for just a simple Apple Watch dock when you can get iPhone charging and a lamp at the same time?

The result of a successful Indiegogo campaign, the NuDock also includes a portable battery. It's built from solid anodised aluminium and strong polycarbonate, has a soft-touch rubber coat and is going to look swanky no matter what the design of your desk. If that's not enough, you get an additional USB port around the back for charging another device too.

If you don't want to go all-in, the Apple Watch stand is also available separately.

$179, mitagg.com

Pad & Quill Roll Up Kit

Best Apple Watch accessories

The Apple Watch is designed to go everywhere you go, so make sure it travels in style. The Pad & Quill Roll Up Kit certainly fits the bill in that regard, offering a pouch made from full grain American leather and lined with a soft, linen interior (designed to protect your Apple Watch from nicks and scratches).

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There's room for the Apple smartwatch, your charging cable and an extra strap, and once rolled up everything is ready to pop into your bag or your coat pocket. If you have any extra cash to spare then you can go for the luxury edition which includes a pocket stand as well as the roll-up leather wallet.

$49.99, padandquill.com

Burkley padded camel leather strap

Sporting the kind of elegant look more synonymous with a classic timepiece than a swanky smartwatch, the Burkley strap will add a homely touch of style to any 42mm Apple Watch. Designed to fit 145-215mm wrists, the Burkley strap uses a traditional clasp, and will gloriously age over time just like any quality leather band.

$52.90, burkleycase.com

Native Union Dock for Apple Watch

Another charging dock, this time one that's a little more subtle than the Sena model featured above. This Native Union model has a weighted block on one sight and a rotating arm on the other, and you can position the watch horizontally or vertically as required.

It's only available in one colour – slate – but it goes with pretty much any desk or nightstand, and it works seamlessly with the magnetic charging cable supplied with your watch. Native Union says demand for the dock is strong, but it's working to keep stock available.

$59.99, nativeunion.com

Spigen Slim Armour

If you want to get serious about protecting your Apple Watch, the Spigen Slim Armour gives the device a full rugged case to sit inside, safe from drops, bangs and scratches. Two screen protectors are included as well to prevent scratches from damaging the device's touchscreen.

Built from flexible yet durable rubber, the Slim Armour case keeps all of the Apple Watch's ports and buttons free while making it much less likely that you're going to have an accident with your new wearable. You can choose from white or black versions of the case to best match whatever Apple Watch strap you've decided to go for.

$14.99, spigen.com | Amazon

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2

Thanks to the recent launch of Apple Music, the Apple Watch can now store and play music 'offline' – that is, without an iPhone around. It doesn't have a headphone port though so you're going to need to invest in some capable wireless cans to listen to your tunes on the morning jog.

Beats Solo2 aren't the cheapest pair of headphones around but they do come with a guarantee of quality (and rock-solid compatibility, considering Apple now owns Beats). You get a choice of seven colours (including rose gold) and the rechargeable battery is good for 12 hours of use.

$299.95, apple.com | Amazon


If you want to be able to keep your Apple Watch safe and charge it at the same time then WatchKeeper ticks all the boxes. The stylish container comes in black or tan and is perfect for the wearable owner on the move: the MagSafe connector and charging cable fit neatly under the watch while it's stored.

When you're wearing your Apple Watch (which is hopefully most of the time) you can use the case to keep the cable and charger tidy. WatchKeeper has a protective leather finish with a steel unibody core that should keep your precious smartwatch safe from harm.

$59.95, studioproper.com


  • wocowboy says:

    I bought one of the Spigen Slim Armor cases to put on my stainless steel Apple Watch.   I used it for a couple months and decided to remove it so I could clean the watch and limber up the crown.   I was shocked to find the surface of my watch had been completely destroyed by this case.  Completely scratched up, dull and gray, the mirror-like finish that was there when I put the case on was gone forever.  Evidently microscopic dust and particles get underneath the plastic case and are ground into the stainless steel surface like sandpaper, ruining the finish.    I know stainless steel is very susceptible to scratching but I was very upset, and would NOT recommend this case to anyone.    Does anyone know of a good finish restoration service for Apple Watches?

  • jayee19 says:

    How come no company make metal case?

    • earlmark says:

      Hi Jayee19, 

      Good thing you asked! Our company makes metal case. Our Wristmate for Apple Watch (metal case) has been launched on Indiegogo.

      Check us out on Indiegogo https://igg.me/at/wristmate/x/13769849

      See you there!

      Earl Mark

  • earlmark says:

    Hi Jayee19, metal cases for Apple Watch is now available with Wristmate by Wristbrain premium build case and strap system. Check us out on Indiegogo,

  • mirright says:

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  • Brucejoo says:

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  • kingjames says:

    Amazing list. From Casetify bands, beats headphones to charging dock are must nessesary accessories for the apple watch. People can always get their own style they want.

    Also I find another fancy lits that offer offer a wide range of different Apple Watch accessories: https://www.focuseak.com/collections/for-apple-watch

    It have great bands, stands and affordable price. Customize your Apple Watch now.

  • ejwbauer says:

    Cool list of accessories, but the one I want didn't make the cut.  I have looked all over for a really good way to store my Apple Watch and spare Watch bands, but pretty much everything out there is a generic box or case made for standard watches. So instead of resorting to a plastic tub, I decided to build the type of product I wanted. Would appreciate any feedback from the community.

    My solution for storing the Apple Watch and extra Watch bands: www.applewatchdisplay.com

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