GPS, offline music features and custom watch faces coming to Android Wear

Google promises two major Android Wear updates
GPS and offline music for Android Wear

It's been a big week for Android Wear, with a number of high profile smartwatch launches taking place over in Berlin at IFA 2014.

And now Google has announced some great news for existing Wear users, with a couple of significant updates arriving for its smartwatch OS.

The first update will add GPS support for the platform meaning that you can go running and track your stats without the need for smartphone tethering. And while on your run you'll also be able to listen to your tunes, san-smartphone using your Blueotooth headphones, thanks to the offline music syncing feature the update will also bring.

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At the moment the only Android Wear device with GPS connectivity is the Sony SmartWatch 3.

The second update adds support for downloadable watch faces. At the moment you only have the choice of the faces your Android Wear manufacturer has pre-installed for you (officially, at least), the update will make it much easier for devs to offer up designs and, most importantly, it'll be a doodle for users to grab new designs.

Google hasn't given a specific date for the updates, simply stating they will be landing before the year is up.

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