Android Wear Pixel smartwatch duo coming in Q1 2017

Angelfish and Swordfish murmurs heat up again following tipster tweet
Android Wear Pixel duo coming soon

It had all gone a bit quiet with regards to the Nexus / Pixel branded smartwatches that were first detailed back in July but seasoned tipster Evan Blass has stoked the rumour fire by saying that a Q1 2017 launch for the duo is set.

The purported Android Wear Google duo - codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish - have been spec'd up already by the rumour mill, of course. And we already knew that Android Wear 2.0 has been delayed until the new year.

Android Police published a rendering of what the smartwatches could look like back in July. We were informed at the time that the images above "are not 'interpretations' but recreations of primary source material", whatever that means.

Both smartwatches are of the round-faced variety although, praise be, there's word that they won't have the annoying flat tyre that blights the Moto 360 range and the Fossil Q Founder.

Starting with the Angelfish and this sounds like being a real flagship smartwatch contender. Said to be rocking both GPS and LTE connectivity, the 43.5mm titanium-coloured smartwatch supposedly has three buttons on board.

Android Wear has been predominantly a one-button affair up until now - although the Casio Smart Outdoor does have extra physical controls for firing up apps and the like.

It could be that the Angelfish watch uses the additional buttons for new Google Assistant features. The report states that both smartwatches will have Google Assistant integration with contextual alerts. If this is true, we'd expect the feature to roll-out across other Android Wear watches as well.

Qualcomm's Smart Wearables boss Pankaj Kedia recently told us how the chip giant was working with a number of companies to launch "connected" smartwatches that could operate without the need for a smartphone. It sounds as if the Angelfish could be one of the first arrivals.

Swordfish sounds like a more regular Android Wear affair - a 42mm diameter and a slim-ish 10.6mm thickness; with just one crown button on board. It's not expected to offer GPS or cellular connectivity.

The Swordfish device plays nicely with Google's new Mode strap setup but Angelfish doesn't due to the design featuring lugs around the bezel.

Android Wear needs these smartwatches to save the day. Take a look at our recent op-ed that argues that Google's smartwatch platform is running out of time.

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  • yogibimbi says:

    The question of questions: Will the Angelfish be waterproof? I mean, come on, it's a fish, right? LTE and waterproof sounds like my, pardon the pun, wet dream.

  • GaryAmundson says:

    I was hoping that next gen would have cameras so we would finally have Dick Tracy video wrist phones that were promised decades ago... lol

  • stephan says:

    I hope it will have a rotating bezel like the samsung gear. That is such a great UI and UX. So obvious and much better than a small little knob on the side.

    • xToddrick says:

      That requires the smartwatch to be round which hampers it's functionality in too many ways.

      • noDave says:

        they are round...

  • xToddrick says:

    More illogically round smartwatches.

  • GeminiPete says:

    How does being round hamper functionality and/or imply some deficit of logic? What are these many ways of which you speak? 

  • _ThaNerd_ says:

    If it has the ability to not only receive txt msgs but also answer them directly from the watch, if its slimmer than its competitors, if it has a good battery life and wireless charging, and if its waterproof, then this should be the watch to have.

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